Recognition of professional qualifications

  • Diver (Duiker)
  • Medical diving supervisor (Duikmedisch begeleider, Dive medical assistant)
  • Dive team leader (Duikploegleider, Dive Supervisor)

A holder of the certificate Medical diving supervisor can only be gained by attending a course by a certified education centre (see below) and a positive exam result.


The holders of a certificate can be found in the register on the website SWOD.

Education centre

The certified education centre can be found on website SWOD.


Stichting Werken Onder Overdruk 

Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid

Objection and appeal

A stakeholder can object to a decision made by Hobéon SKO. If the stakeholder does not agree with a decision taken by Hobéon SKO, he/she can submit an objection. Hobéon SKO then starts the objection handling procedure.

The submitted notice of objection must at least contain the following information:

  • Name, address and place of residence of the stakeholder.
  • Date of the objection.
    • A description of the decision or a copy of that decision against which the objection is made.
    • The grounds for the objection.
    • A signature by the stakeholder.

A notice of objection must be submitted, within six weeks of the date of the decision, to Hobéon SKO. The notice of objection must be sent to the attention of:

Hobéon SKO
Certificatiecoördinator WOD
Lange Voorhout 14
2514 ED  Den Haag
The Netherlands

An appeal against a decision by Hobéon SKO can be made to a Dutch court.


Dutch pricelist for Medical diving supervisor can be found here.


More information: WOD@hobeon.nl.